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My husband's great-grandparents decided to invest in and start their family, farming, and ranching operation in Lompoc in the early 1900’s. The ranch was originally purchased by the family in 1938 and the Lazy F brand was established on May 3, 1948, by Fred Hayes, my husband's grandfather, and is still our current brand on our commercial cow/calf operation.

In 2008 we were given the opportunity to move into the original family ranch house and raise our children and it was an opportunity we have ever taken for granted. Some of my favorite memories are laughing around the table in the same dining room where my father-in-law once lived and bringing all the love we can into these walls. This ranch is a space that is near and dear to many people's hearts. Big Fred was passionate about this ranch and the agriculture industry and it is something he has passed on to all of us.

The “little red barn” is where I hosted my first Lazy F & Co. holiday pop-up. That pop-up was just a thought of doing something different! That idea was one generated around “that table” with friends and family. After many journal entries and lots of prayers for direction on what to do next, I received a phone call inviting me into a brick-and-mortar space, and here we are!

In the cattle branding world, the brand means lazy F due to the nature of it lying on its side. Because the ranch and Big Fred have a special place in my heart it seemed fitting. He was the biggest supporter of my wild and crazy ideas, and this one is right up there!

I believe we all have a need for connection and crave a space for just that. I wanted a place where everyone is welcome at the table and when you stopped in it felt a little like “home” at the same time providing another option for locals and visitors to shop for that “little something”

Grateful for the chance to curate a gift for you!

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Lazy F is a family operation that has been ran by four generations of livestock producers. Fred and I currently have a cow-calf operation consisting of black angus cross.


Ranching isn’t a profession you do half-heartedly. It’s a day-in and day-out choice to give your all and serve the herd and the land the best you can.  All those efforts go towards providing the best quality product.


Our cattle are raised on the hills and pastures of the beautiful Sta Rita Hills under an all-natural program that includes no additional growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. 100% USA beef born, raised, and finished on our family ranch. When you purchase from us, you're not just buying fresh beef you are supporting a local family that believes in hard work, a love for our community, and a passion to continue the family legacy of raising quality beef. Local beef you will feel good about buying and your family will love eating.


Our focus is and will always be to provide the best quality beef directly from our fields to your fork.

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In 2000, Lazy F & Co. was born to provide quality products that would not only serve, but exceed, the needs of our loyal shoppers. Since day one, a genuine love and passion for quality retail and top-notch customer service has defined who we are and what we do.

Our dedication to our work is reflected through our great merchandise, carefully selected and sorted to make our customers’ shopping experience enjoyable and satisfactory. Get in touch to learn more about Lazy F & Co.

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